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What are dental implants and how can they improve quality of life?


Dental Implants have very quickly become the number 1 best option for missing tooth replacement. They provide stability, function, and preserve bone and even shown to grow new bone promoting bone growth and acting as stability for the facial form and structure. 

As dental implants become popular, the cost of dental implants have decreased significantly and dental implants have become much more affordable. 

How can dental implants increase function and stability for chewing?

1. Dental implants preserve bone around them for up to 20 - 30 years.

2. Dental Implants act as anchors for crowns and can provide even more strength than natural teeth for chewing.

3. Dental Implants can provide stability not only for single teeth but also for full mouth dental implants which replace a full set of teeth to allow full chewing and function.

4. Dental Implants can restore a failing set of teeth to a beautiful smile in a very short time by allowing infected and broken down teeth to be replaced by a new set of healthy teeth.

This and many other reasons are why dental implants have become the most popular option for tooth replacement and will become the standard in the next years to come.

The different types of dental implant treatments

Single Dental Implants

Dental Implant Bridge

A single dental implant is placed to restore a single crown. Teeth may need to be extracted due to infection, fracture or decay that deems the tooth unrestorable. When a tooth needs to be extracted for such reasons, an implant may be considered to help retain the structure of the bone, preserve the bone and prevent collapse of the oral structures in the area. 

A dental implant bridge is where 2 or more implants are placed and connected with a dental bridge made of zirconia or porcelain. A dental bridge can act and function like a set of natural teeth with enhanced stability. Also, the force generated by the bridge is significantly higher than that with natural teeth.

All-On-4™ Dental Implants

The All-On-4™ Dental Implant System is a popular implant-supported full mouth dental implants restoration used by many oral surgeons and periodontists and provided at various dental implant centers. The benefits of the All-On-4™ Dental Implant treatment is that it is much more superior to a denture and can provide enhanced aesthetics and stability when compared to a denture. The problems with the All-On-4™ Dental Implant treatment is the longevity of the restoration due to presence of only 4 dental implants per jaw, also, the use of acrylic restorations allows for more fractures when compared to zirconia restorations.

Zirkor™ Dental Implant Restoration

The Zirkor™ Dental Implant Restoration has very quickly become the standard for full mouth dental implant restoration. It combines the use of digital dentistry and implant surgery with porcelain ceramics to create a monolithic (one-piece) final restoration in less than 1 week from start to finish. This procedure eliminates the need for a temporary restoration. The patient gets to wear a prototype for a few days before their final restoration is delivered. This system is also more affordable than conventional All-On-4™ treatment. 


Financing Options


Financing Options
New Life Dental Implant Center

We offer several financing options for our patients at New Life Dental Implant Center. The following are some of the options offered to our patients at New Life Dental Implant Center.

Credit Card Purchase


For balances of less than $3500 we offer in-house payment plans for a total time of 6 months.

A business meeting


We offer several third-party financing options including Sunbit™, Greensky™ and others.

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Step-Wise Treatment

We may offer options that may allow a step-wise approach better suited to spread out payments.



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration



Zirkor™ Fixed Restoration

Meet The Doctors

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Dr. Javid F. Osafi, DMD

Implant Surgeon


Dr. Naeem Etemadi, DDS

Implant Surgeon



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